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Roger H Strube, MD

Roger H Strube, MD

I have built three small multihulls based on plans for a 4 Meter Trimaran purchased from Kurt Hughes. A group of three of us decided to build these small pocket sailer/racers for fun. Originally I became interested in the small 10’ trimaran (plans may still be available from John Marples / Searunner) from an article in a sailing magazine. I little research resulted in locating a bigger, better design from Kurt Hughes. I purchased the plans for his one person “Car Top 12 Foot Trimaran” and his 2 person “16 foot Trimaran”. As I was interested in single handed sailing I started building the 12 foot version but made it wider to accommodate we folks in the “Big Butt Sailing Club”. The first iteration also used a Hobie 14 rig and rudder and a Sunfish dagger board. Dave Calvert built customs sails including the main, jib and screecher for the boat. Following our first sailing experiences it became evident that we should have built the 16 foot model and modified it to be sailed by one person. At this point we had completed molding all the parts for the other boats and most of the assembly was completed on Hull #2.

After an interesting sail in Blue Moon I decided to extend the bow and add a surface foil and cockpit combing. These modifications resulted in the boat pictured on Kurt Hughes’ web site and in the boat seen in the album attached to the “Blue Moon” attached page. Blue Moon is now being fitted with additional surface foils located at the attachment of the main forward aka and amas.

Hull # 2, Wicked Wanda, was the closest to original specifications except for the rig, dagger board and rudder. They matched Blue Moon. As the boat was much lighter than Blue moon with it’s extensions it remains the fastest tri. Wicked Wanda was damaged by Hurricane Charlie and lay in a field for 6 months before I could rescue her. She is now being completely rebuilt including an extended bow and stern, main hull bow surface foils and ama nose foils.

Hull #3, FloWinGo, has taken an additional 10 years to complete due to job changes and moving around the country. She is fitted out to use three possible rigs as the ultimate plan is to go with a rigid wing and kite. For now she is fitted with the Hobie 14 rig and rudder and uses the new version of the Sunfish dagger board. The wing will be constructed this year.

The amas for planned hull #4 have been splashed off the ama of Hull #3 and are hanging in my Play Ground waiting for the next iteration. When I get the time this boat will have the main hull splashed off Blue moon and be fitted with a wing and a kite. It will also have a self bailing cockpit similar to the one I built into FloWinGo. A Hobie 14 rudder will be used and a second Hobie 14 rudder will be used (in a cassette) as the dagger board. I have lots of Hobie 14 parts but only one $200+ Sunfish dagger board. I am developing a system to “launch” a disabled sailor into the boat with minimal assistance. The ideas regarding this boat are described in more detail in the “Disabled and Senior Sailing” page. Just click on the tab at the upper left.

My main focus this year is to get these small boats back in the water and build a wing for FloWinGo. Once this is done and the big boat, Millennium Dragon, is sold I will have the time to start building the catamaran motor sailor I have in my head. Just visualize a Startrek pocket cruiser or Star Wars shuttle sailed using a rigid wing and kite. For power lots of solar panels, lithium ion batteries, wind generators and a small generator connected to electric motors. 

Original production of the first series of small wooden 12’ Car Top Trimarans.





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