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Roger H Strube, MD

Boating in general and sailing specifically become very difficult if not impossible as we age or become disabled. My experimental work on small trimarans and rigid wing sails is driving toward development of a small sailing multihull with a wing so that the effort in managing direction of the craft and trim of the sail are minimized. Many organizations that help the motivated disabled enjoy sailing are listed below. Some craft used by these groups have been developed specifically for the disabled. Others are boats adapted from stock designs. As the disabled have more difficulty moving about, most vessels use for disabled sailor programs have ballasted keels. In the shallow water of Florida, such boats create additional rescue issues. Although a “knock down” would certainly not sink one of these boats, most are not self bailing and a boat full of water, even in an upright attitude, presents another rescue issue. Even in the relatively warmer waters of South Florida, hypothermia may become a problem.  I believe the “Ideal” sailboat for disabled and senior sailors should be stable*, unsinkable, self bailing, shallow draft with kick up rudder and centerboard, controllable with minimal muscular effort** and capable of being instantly reefed***. I am developing the winged 5-meter trimaran with these parameters in mind. Visit some of the web sites in the categories to the left for additional information.

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*Stability is a relative issue. The stable platform offered by any multihull is much more comfortable and less fatiguing for the disabled and aging sailor than the constant heeling of any monohull. A trimaran with ama buoyancy slightly less than the total weight of the vessel plus occupants will have a stability curve approaching a wide ballasted monohull.

**This vessel requires only two controls. Each may be a joy stick or combination joystick and “sip & puff”. The first is rudder (right/center/left) and the second is wing flap deflection angle (right/center/left).

***A rigid wing with wireless control is the ultimate in foil shape control and instant reefing. Right and left positions are proportional to the amount of drive required. The center position is completely reefed with less drag than the bare pole and rigging on most small boats.

Feel free to browse around my site. If you have comments or questions please drop me a line at wingsailorflorida@yahoo.com.








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